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Brilliant Ways to Cool a Room Without AC – Keep Cool in Hot Weather

cool a room without ac

Summer is always a happy time, especially for outdoor activities, parties and family events, but it always comes with a caveat – summer could be accompanied by a very unbearable heat. For some, this is not much of a bother, since their homes or offices are equipped with properly working air conditioners. For others however, how to cool a room without ac is a priority as the heat associated with summer is almost a nightmare, and they’re either living in a rented apartment, and for whatever reason, cannot currently invest in an air conditioner, or their ac might have broken and they’re looking for a temporary fix for the heat waves, or they might be camping and would need a reprieve from the heat.

Tips on How to Cool a Room Without AC

There are many tricks in the book on how to achieve this feat without spending a dime. Many recommendations include:

woman sleeping on white sheet
  • Keeping the windows closed during the day while letting in cool air at night
  • Sleeping low since heat rises
  • Swapping your beddings to cotton as this helps keep your body cool
  • focusing on cooling down your body temperature by taking a cool shower when you feel warm You might even go an extra step by not wiping off your body after shower. Your body cools even further as the water evaporates from your body.
  • Turning on the bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans to pull the hot air in these rooms
  • Cooking out so as not to generate more heat with gas cookers.

However, you could have tried all these tips and you still feel uncomfortably warm. There are a few very affordable items that can help bring you the sleep comfort you crave.

Life Hacks to Keep Cool in Hot Weather

1. Get yourself some cooling beddings. Whether you’re camping in the peak of summer with no ac or you’re trying to sleep in a very warm room, these beddings can magically help you relax by making you feel a lot cooler. Although they may not be classified as ‘hacks to cool a room without ac’, they’d definitely keep your body cool.

cooling pillow
Cooling Bamboo Pillow

A cooling pillow that doubles as a memory foam pillow might be what you need to get your much needed comfort sleep. This Cooling Bamboo Pillow comes highly recommended on Amazon, and we think it’s a great way to keep cool.


  • Has over 84% positive reviews
  • Ergonomically designed for support
  • Add or remove foam fillings to suit your comfort level
  • Designed to be breathable, and infused with cooling gels to regulate pillow temperature
  • 5-year warranty to never go flat


  • Very few complained of its smell
  • It doesn’t come with a pillow case

Getting an ice cooling pillow might be a game changer for sleeping issues during warm weather. You can actually add water yourself and cool it in the fridge instead of relying on some cooling gel. If you ever used water bed, you get the feeling of how this works.

Most users claim that after freezing for about three hours, it stays cool all night. You can also combine it with other memory foam pillows to have the best comfort night sleep


  • Add ice as much as you want and change when you want
  • Very portable, can be used for home, office, school or for kids
  • Polyester material, soft-skin friendly
  • Durable
ice pack pillow
Ice Cooling Pillow

2. If you’re very much focused on the no ac thing, you can up your game by getting an evaporative air cooler. The upside of this is that it doesn’t require as much energy as a traditional air conditioner, it’s just a fan that is enabled to blow cool mist around you. The beautiful thing is that you can add essential oil into the water for a misty beautiful aroma. If you feel you wouldn’t want to spend your money on a mist-blowing fan, you can create one yourself using your household fan.

Portable Evaporative Air Cooler


  • Light-weight and energy-saving
  • Very affordable
  • Can be infused with essential oil
  • Ice can be added for a cooler effect
  • Control with three speed settings
  • Oscillating for better misty wind circulation


  • Personal, not for cooling entire room


  • Light-weight and energy-saving
  • Control with three speed settings
  • 15-hour timer
  • Remote control feature
  • Ice can be added to enhance cooling effect
  • Higher capacity water tank
  • Can cool a larger area than a personal air cooler


  • A little pricey
tower evaporative air cooler
Tower Evaporative Air Cooler

3. Get an affordable air conditioner. Many people avoid the hassles of air conditioners because of its cost and especially because of its energy demand. But let’s face it, the essence of this electronic device cannot be over emphasised, particularly in hot environments. Depending on the size of the area you want to cool, air conditioners are usually categorized by BTU’s (British Thermal Units), ranging usually from 5,000 (for about 150 sq. ft) to 36,000 (for about 550 sq. ft).

u inverter window ac
Midea U-Inverter Window AC

Features: Ranked among the best air conditioners in the market

  • Uses DC inverter to achieve 35% more energy savings than traditional ac
  • U-shape design blocks out the noise from the cooling system, achieving much lower noise level.
  • U-shape design also helps to keep the window a lot more closed off and gives flexibility to open the window when needed than traditional window ac
  • Wifi-enabled and remote-controlled
  • Includes window support brackets


  • Portable ac, perfect for small rooms
  • Energy efficient, uses only about 115volts
  • Low noise, produces 6,000 BTU
  • Remote-controlled, easy to clean
  • Includes installation brackets
black and decker portable ac
Black + Decker Portable AC

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  1. Investing in an ice cooling pillow could be a game changer for those who struggle to sleep in hot weather. Instead of relying on cooling gel, you can add water yourself and cool it in the fridge. Thank you!

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