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20+ Creative Ways to Celebrate Someone on their Special Event

celebrate someone special

Most people love to celebrate someone special in their lives, especially on their special events, be it birthdays, or graduation days. A lot of the fun at these special events come from so much food and fun activities (who doesn’t like food, duh). But let’s not forget that this is an opportunity to make the other person(s) we’re celebrating their day feel special, even if once in a year. We’ve put together these creative tips to make an event feel really special for your loved one.

Don’t forget those special events


1. I’m almost sure one of the foremost things that’ll be on your mind regarding a special yearly event, say, Father’s Day is buying a gift for them. But short of giving memorable gifts to that wonderful person, there are other creative ways we can show them love. But you can’t even show them love on their day if you forgot the day! The first thing that should be obvious – to effectively observe a special day – is to put that date on the calendar. Believe it or not, every year for different reasons, some people actually forget a yearly special event. I recently read a touching story by a guy whose wife totally forgot it was father’s day and how it felt. Setting a reminder for that date also means that if you’d need to mail your gift, a reminder would help you know when to send them out to have a good window of arrival.

Celebrate someone you love with your time

celebrate someone by spending time together

2. Make time to spend with them. If you’ve been very busy and haven’t really had time to take a pause and take a deep breath, this is the perfect time to take that break and be there for your loved one. Time spent with loved ones is often neglected, but most times, so many people value time more than gifts. There are also a lot of benefits loved ones derive from spending time with them.

people chatting with laptop

3. If you’re not living with them, having a relaxed video chat with them also counts as spending quality time with them.

breakfast in bed

4. How about breakfast in bed? It’s not just moms who enjoy breakfast in bed, pretty sure everyone else wouldn’t mind being pampered at least one morning in an entire year! If you can whip up their favourite breakfast recipe, or be adventurous, create your own special recipe, let them lie back in bed while you serve them. Don’t sweat it even if it turns out bad, I’m sure they’ll enjoy it anyway, it’s the thought that matters!

5. Instead of doing the cooking yourself, you could take your loved one out and treat them to their favourite dish. The time you spend with them just eating and talking about nothing and everything would be so memorable both for you and for them.

people camping outside

6. Of course, barbecue! How about firing up a backyard grill for a relaxing conversational time while having the best meal?

7. Remember those days when you loved to play on the tree house or playhouse out back? You could pitch a camping tent at the backyard and have fun camping with them for the night, while reminiscing on those memories, especially if the celebrant is family.

Be creative with fun activities

8. If you don’t like the outdoors so much, how about bringing the camping indoors? All you need to do is create a space in the house and pitch your camping tent (bedsheets, pillows and furniture – for support- can also work for a quick DIY). Don’t forget your popcorn and/or s’mores!

9. While in that camping and popcorn mood, popping up their favourite movie (you know, the one they wouldn’t mind seeing again even though they’ve seen it a million times!) would add spice to the night.

10. While sharing meals and having adventures together, do not forget to take pictures! Well yes, some people actually forget to memorialise such occasions by taking pictures.

11. Okay, you’ve been doing stuff together to make their day, but then, there’s something so simple that could make the rest of their lives! Writing a simple note to let them know how much they mean to you could leave an indelible print on their mind. Pretty sure so many parents/spouses have such sweet notes tucked into their wallets or purses and would never ever lose them!

12. Talking about writing notes, you could also create a handmade unique card just from you to your loved one. If you’re at a loss on how to make a DIY card, here’s a simple step by step guide on DIY cardsAlso, check out other unique handmade gifts that would communicate just what you want. Check out this amazing Why You’re So Awesome journal. This could be the most thoughtful, meaningful and inexpensive little present you could ever give to someone you love.

13. So far, these ideas have been coming from you. For a change, how about you ask them what they want to do on their day? This could go a long way to build that rapport and help you communicate your love more effectively.

people having fun at the park

14. Walk with them to the park or go hiking if they love the outdoors

15. Experience their favourite hobby with them.

16. Pamper them to an in-house spa

17. Play games with them. It could be card games or video games.

18. Give them a surprise picnic

19. Throw them a surprise party

20. So something significant and unexpected, like helping with their daily chores. Doing their laundry, cooking, or mowing the lawn would be a good place to start.

21. Enjoy virtual reality with them. Several famous museums are offering virtual tours especially since the pandemic. For a start, you can check out this cave in Paris called catacombes.


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